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Line Marches towards United States

Line, a chat application born in Japanese, turns its eyes to United States in order to attract more users. Though far always from Silicon Valley, Line has made a great achievement in the social network market. It’s about three times faster than Facebook to attract 100 million users. This is Line. Now it plans to march towards United States – the headquarter of the Facebook and Twitter.

At present, 38% of its users come from Japan. However, Line has formed a marketing team aiming to enlarge its users in America. Jun Msuda, the chief strategy and marketing officer of NHN Japan, said that the company is still in the stage of investment, and his goal is to own 1 billion users around the world.

Line features allowing users to add cartoon photos when chatting with friends. Line is just one of the Asian competitor of strong and popular social network like Facebook, Twitter and Skype. KakaoTalk, a South Korean application, aims to expand the market in Vietnam and Indonesia.

Line came to our eyes in June 2011, and it takes 19 month to attract 100 million users. However, it takes Facebook and Twitter a longer time to owns the same followers, 54 months and 49 months respectively.

With very fast growth of the supporters, it’s still very hard to take down such popular Facebook and Twitter in a short while. Line has a long way to go.

Besides the colorful cartoon message, Line features totally free voice service. Multiple mainstream platforms like Android, iPhone, Windows, BlackBerry and PC are compatible with Line. According to the NHN, Line has ranked first among the free Apple app in 41 countries.

NHN Japan revealed that Nokia Asha phone would carry the Line. Any application can provide advertisement and games. In the long term, Line has to figure out the new an creative way to keep the users staying with him.

It’s hard to foresee whether Line will make the most popular chat application in the near future. Stay with us and we’ll pay close attention to Line. What’s your idea about Line?

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