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Sony reveals the PlayStation 4

Game zealots must be very excited when hearing that Sony will release the PlayStation 4. On February 20, Sony revealed its long-awaited successor to the PlayStation 3 at an event in New York as it tries to vault back to the top of the video game hardware business. Since the release of PlayStation 3 in 2006, it takes seven years for Sony to release new console.

It’s said that PlayStation 4 has a souped-up eight-core processor to juggle more complex tasks simultaneously and the performance of GPU is also greatly enhanced. The most notable feature on display is a new DualShock 4 controller designed in tandem with a stereo camera, similar to Microsoft’s Kinect. PlayStation 4 is said to own a motion sensor, a touchpad on the front, and a light bar to easily identify players.

PlayStation 4 is designed to add some new function, so players can free try the games in the PS Store with no games installation. Sony hopes game players experience all that they want. With PlayStation 4, serious games are about to become much more social. A player can broadcast his game play in real time, and his friend can peek into his game and hop in to help.

In addition, Sony updates the PlayStation network, and adds a new series of social function. The new PlayStation network will be release together with PlayStation 4. PlayStation 4 games can be streamed to the PlayStation Vita, but it can not run with PlayStation 3 games.

The console itself was never shown during the two-hour presentation. No release date was given, although before the Christmas holidays are a good possibility. No price was mentioned.

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