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The Most Serious Problem of iPhone – Short Battery Life

Matthew Panzarino, the well-known editor from TheNextWeb, points out that short battery life is the most serious problem of iPhone. Compared with iPhone 4S and iPhone 4, iPhone 5 has no improvement on battery life, even still stays the same level of iPhone 3GS.

What’s the biggest flaw of iPhone? It’s no doubt that iPhone needs to improve its battery life at once. Compared with its excellent aspects, battery life is just depressing. Battery life has influenced the hardware and software of the iPhone, which would have better performance without short battery life. Actually, all the smartphones on the market are facing this battery life issue.

In the era of LTE, the battery life of smartphones is becoming more and more serious. In order to decrease the influence of the battery life to iPhone, Apple has applied the Lower Power Processor in the iPhone 5, which is compatible with LTE. However, it failed to completely solve the battery life issue.

At present, most smartphones are equipped with Li-ion Polymer Battery, whose storage capability has approached its limits. Though many research groups are trying to expand Li-ion Polymer Battery limits, it progresses very slowly. The whole smartphone market will face the embarrassing situation that battery life lags behind the other aspects.

For the short battery life, many manufacturers have adopted corrupt transaction. So does Apple. Apple has used various physical optimization methods to improve the battery storage. For example, it puts a few batteries together in the Mac book, which leads users to have no way to change the battery.

iPhone is a complete ecosystem, and it stands for the development and progress direction of the mobile application. In addition, as the initial developer of smartphone, Apple has the opportunity and obligation to conquer this battery life issue.

The rumor about the update of next generation iPhone has become very popular. We hope that iPhone can have great improvement on the battery life, so that it can be supportive with more mobile applications.

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